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Ontrack's Portal Management Division is dedicated to promoting quality portals with strong revenue models. We promote two B2B portals, each distinctive in technology and content. Offering a structured approach with constant updates, you get a first hand, ring side view of events across the world even as they occur, thus making you the first to know. Our portals therefore give you that much-required edge over your competition.


India?s first tender web daily, this portal has pioneered a change in the preferred vehicle for publishing/accessing tender notices and secured bid documents ensuring transparency in various stages of the tendering cycle. Housed in Kolkata, the division hosts over 300 new tenders daily from different sectors of the Industry including major public sector enterprises and Government departments.

The cutting edge service being provided is the highly secured facility and introduction of new technology like online tendering solutions keeping in mind the market demands for such cost-effective technology and transparency in tendering.

Strategically placed as a leader in e-tendering solutions, the division combines needs with innovative ideas offering authentic and encrypted bid document generators, saving time and cost for both bidders and tender authorities.

For global visitors, multiple language support has been implemented to allow the users to localize the application.

The distinct features of are:

 Top Tenders Today - Carries selected summary of tenders of the day with a link to tender details

 Tender Statistics ? Provides Daily/Monthly/Quarterly Statistics. The statistical data/information are used by Consultants, Entrepreneurs, Business Analysts, Media and various Government agencies

 Tenders Opening Today ? A reminder and check to ensure users do not miss out a business opportunity

 Last Day For Collection of Bid-Documents - Provides details of tenders where last day for collection of Bid Document fall in the next two days

 Global Tenders - For global visitors, multiple language support has been implemented to allow the users to localize the application

 Tender Archive ? For access to tenders from Data Bank

 E-zine - A customized daily E-mail containing the day?s tenders of users? business interest

 Post-Tender Reports ? Details of Contract Awards and other updates on selected tenders

 PINPOINT - Advanced Tender Search Engine designed to enable users to filter tenders of their business interests

 Direct Emailing of Tender Notice ? Announcements to existing approved contractors, manufacturers and suppliers

 Online Bid Documents - Advance copy of secured, tamperproof Bid documents made available for prospective Bidders

 Tenders in Hindi and Bengali translated to English ? A low cost high return option to announce Tender Notices to an All India audience

 Daily News Page - Covers both national and international news with a focus on Tender opening reports, Contracts, Mergers & Acquisitions and Government policy decisions for various segments of industries etc

 Face 2 Face ? Exclusive interview with industry captains, ministers and senior government Officials


The online tendering process is ideal for both tender authorities and bidders for the following beneficial reasons:

 Ability to digitize the process of calling, distribution, pricing and analysis of tenders
 A hassle free submission of bid online by the bidder
 Platform offering encryption technology and password key protection to data online that proves to be very secure.
 Tendering authorities having greater control over the tendering process in every step and eradicating loopholes
 Tender Authority having access to information 24 hours from any corner of the country or the globe
 Time Saving - Shorter duration of the tender process and faster awards to the successful bidders
 Cost Saving ? No printing and advertising cost or documentation fees required
 Ability to archive and secure data
 Ability to effortlessly research from archived data
 Tenderers who do not attend tender opening sessions, are also allowed ready access to information.


One of India's earliest established global business portals, is an effective and interactive web platform for exchange of information and strengthening bilateral trade relations between India and its major trade partners.  Positioned as a major source of information for its extensive industry coverage and country-specific focus, it is the only Indian business portal granted affiliate status with The Wall Street Journal (Interactive Edition), an affirmation of the quality of its content.

With the sole objective of enhancing global business interest in India, this site has emerged as a prime online guide to help promote India as the world's most attractive emerging market. It offers latest information on the ups and downs in the economy, of the happenings around the world in the business and corporate sectors.

This division channels offline services such as sale of project reports, market studies and turnkey project consultation in collaboration with experts in the fields concerned. The Project Report section has emerged as an effective choice for the prospective investors both in India and abroad.


 Enables users to conclude business deals between India and overseas buyers, sellers and investors. 
 Provides trade leads globally and within India.
 Offers high-quality exposure to the trade offers and tenders
 Presents expert views and analyses of India-related subjects of interest to its global users.
 Extensive industry coverage and country-specific focus.
 Extensive Report on India?s Trade partners.
 Interview with leading Indian and international industry/ business personalities. 
 Positioned as a major source of information for researchers as well as management institutes and for international users interested in establishing business relationship with India.


 Global Business Network - Trade leads from all over the world
 Preparation of Techno-Economic feasibility Project Reports
 In-depth report on various Indian sectors/ Industries
 Highly effective automated Trade Board
 Trade Partners ? Report on India?s Partner Countries
 Merchant Export activity in association with real-time exporters
 Online Book sales as an affiliate of
 Face2Face ? Exclusive interview with prominent personalities.
 Website and E-Commerce development (onshore and offshore projects) through our parent company, Ontrack Systems Limited
 Online directory listings of India-based companies
 Online subscription to The Wall Street Journal Interactive Edition
 Announcements of global tenders from India and other countries
 Answering India-related business queries
 International Marketing

The visitor traffic of this site has already touched the landmark figure of 3.5 Million hits per month. This is a growth of over 16% since April 2005 when the previous landmark of 3.0 Million hits was achieved. The visitors of IOS originate from over 70 countries including India, USA, UK, Australia, Canada, UAE, Germany, Japan, New Zealand, Russia among others, reflecting its increasing credibility and reliability. The web-service plans to foray into Insurance Broking leveraging its captive and growing domestic and international user base.

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