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Tendering is one of the prime business activities related to procurement of goods and services. In today?s information technology driven business scenario the need for a secured tendering environment need not be underscored. For both public and private sector tendering processes, the following objectives need to be achieved ?

  • Promoting accountability.
  • Ensuring fair and transparent process of selecting suppliers.
  • Discouraging the use of non-competitive suppliers time after time.
  • Promoting supply of quality of goods and services at optimized price.

Ontrack took up the challenge to develop a secure, robust, scalable and transparent system that can handle every functional unit of the tendering process. Be it single tender, limited tender, open tender or a global tender. Ontrack?s solution caters to the requirements of both public and private sector enterprises and creates a user-friendly interface for creation and online hosting of bid documents in a popular e-tendering web site. The user can simply type out the documents in Microsoft Word format without requiring any other specific software skill.

The e-tendering process comprises of the following steps-

  1. Sending of tender document and Notice to e-tendering site.
  2. Creation of Bid Document and Notice Inviting Tenders.
  3. Parameter Setting for Date & Time for Tender Document Uploading.
  4. Confirmation of hosting and request for authentication.
  5. Authentication of tender documents after verification of date, time & other details.
  6. Issuance of Tenders.
  7. Downloading the Bid document by the bidders.
  8. Permission of posting of corrigendum to tenderers.
  9. Submission of the Offer:
    • Filling up of the Bid document.
    • Digitally sign the Bid data.
    • EMD payment through payment gateway.
    • Storing the Bid data.
  10. Opening of tender.
  11. Preparation of comparative statement for evaluation purpose.

The execution of the processes is segregated between the server and the client tool. The server end resides with the tender issuing authority and generate encrypted tamperproof bid documents. A prospective bidder is required to download the client tool into their local system and fill up the bid document offline. A hard copy of the bid document with embedded watermark is submitted to the tender issuing authority. The authenticity is proved by the embedded watermark, barcode and digital signatures. 

Thus a complex activity like tendering has been addressed by Ontrack with a commitment to provide the highest security standards and ease of use for both the tender issuing authority and the bidder.

Case Study: Secure-T

Secure-T is Ontrack?s e-tendering solution. With a commitment to provide a secure, robust, scalable and easy-to-use software for both the tender issuing authority and the bidder the following features have been taken care of by the system.

  • Data Encryption: Encrypted document maintains original style, layout and design of bid document.
  • Tamper proofing: Capability to produce high security tamperproof digital version of bid documents.
  • Versatility: Secure-T is designed to work on all versions of Microsoft Word ? Word 97 to Word 2003.
  • Authentication: Embedded watermark, unique bar code and digital signature ensure authentication of the documents.

The following are the key features offered by the system-

  • System data encryption with 1024 bit RSA secured Internet communication through 128-bit SSL pipe.
  • System architecture secured through PKI (Public Key Infrastructure) conformance.
  • Embedded bid documents with watermark.
  • Automated generation of comparative charts of all bids submitted upon tender opening through the software.

The following are the advantages offered by the software-

  • Saves valuable time, cost and manpower for printing and distribution of bid documents by the Tendering Authority.
  • Increased vendor participation and provision of equal opportunities to vendors as the tenders can be viewed from all over the world over the Internet, 24 hours uninterrupted.
  • Imbibes more transparency in the bidding process.
  • Begets faster response from bidders.
  • Saves valuable time of bidders in preparation of bid documents. 
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