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?Jobs and recruitment? has been one of the prime focus areas of Ontrack?s industry-specific application software development. The changing economic scenario from a globalization perspective has dictated the need for the development and implementation of robust, secure and at the same time user-friendly applications that will enable personnel to recruit the right person at the right place and at the right time. Increased attrition rate, increased specialization areas and ever-increasing number of applicants have rendered manual methods and poorly developed applications with little scalability virtually useless.

Ontrack has executed a number of projects, including that of federal recruitment bodies successfully. Parallel development of web portal and intranet application has been addressed effectively by Ontrack?s highly talented and dedicated project execution team. The following are the benchmarks of Ontrack?s application software in this segment-

  • Usage of cutting edge technology.
  • User-friendly interface, easy navigability and richness of functionality.
  • High scalability.
  • Comprehensive application development capability including design of portal, intranet application and hosting.
  • Addresses the need for speedier execution of processes.
  • Extensive end user training and post-implementation support.

Depending on the requirement, Ontrack?s application software covers a gamut of sub-processes and functionalities like-

  • Resume posting by job applicants.
  • Record of an applicant?s preferred choice of employer.
  • Feature-rich query handling mechanism enabling pre-interview screening.
  • Registration of employers and detailed attributes of a vacancy.
  • Registration of Training Providers and detailed attributes of training courses on offer.
  • Recommendation of job seekers to employers by employment officers.
  • Conducting online tests.
  • Storage of Interview feedback and applicant wise history.
  • Blacklisting job seekers, employers and training providers.
  • Setting employment targets, periodic generation of activity reports.
  • Mass-mailing capability etc.

Be it a small management consultancy firm or a large public employment exchange, every activity is covered in detail and a holistic solution suite is delivered to the client bearing high quality hallmark. 

Ontrack has a collective experience of 63 man-months in this application segment.

Case Study 1

Comprehensive Recruitment Process Management System (including portal) of a large federal body


Ontrack Systems had been entrusted with the development of a comprehensive recruitment management solution suite of a federal employment exchange authority of a Middle-eastern country. The need for change arose as the older system was not comprehensive and failed to address the scalability issue. Moreover with the passage of time the older legacy system was unable to handle increased functionalities that are the need of the hour.

Ontrack?s contribution

The comprehensive system had two parts ? the portal section and the intranet application section. Using cutting edge technology and contemporary quality software development practices, Ontrack?s project execution team had imbibed the following benchmarks in the system-

  • Inclusion of all functionalities of each entity like Employment Officer, Training Officer, Director etc. in interactive subsystems with user-friendly interface, easy navigability and highest degree of validation.
  • The personnel can accomplish their tasks in the shortest possible time with the aid of ?Alerts?, ?To Do? s and ?Views?.
  • Comprehensive report generation facility in both textual and graphical modes.
  • Interactive portal with attractive GUI to cater to the registration and searching needs of job seekers, employers and training providers.
  • Overall the comprehensive solution increased scalability, speed of execution and covered a gamut of functionalities. The life span of the software was increased, as there is scope of inclusion of probable future requirements.

Case Study 2

Comprehensive Recruitment Process Management System of an HR consultancy firm


Ontrack?s client is a famous foreign HR consultancy firm and is a registered recruitment consultant to some major oil companies, hospitals, banks, multinational corporations and government bodies. Its core competency areas are executive search and headhunting services; direct hire placements and advertisement response; contract staffing and staffing for turnkey projects.

Ontrack?s Contribution

The project has been executed by segregation into web-based portal and intranet application. The portal section is highly interactive and rich in user-friendly Graphical User Interface (GUI). The distributive intranet application covers all the sub-processes like Job seeker?s data bank management, online test for candidates, History Management functionalities covering events like interview calls, interview feedback, joining, resignation etc. The application has resource analysis features and MIS report generation facilities. In short, the application suite improved productivity of the enterprise to a great extent and the operations were streamlined.

Case Study 3

Web-based intranet application for a consortium of oil and gas exploration companies


Our client is a consortium of oil and gas exploration companies of the Middle East.  Besides design of the portal for this body, a portion of the distributive intranet application catered to the recruitment process of the member organizations. The need of the hour was a scalable, user-friendly web-enabled application for the future that can keep pace with increasing complexities of the recruitment process.

Ontrack?s Contribution

Prior to the development a thorough assessment was made of the recruitment process of each member company and the resultant process was streamlined and included all feasible functionalities like applicants? database management and high-precision search operations, resource analysis reports, management of interview calls, referrals, joining, termination, resignation and blacklisting processes. Overall this high utility application software drastically reduced the recruitment process complexities to a negligible status.

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