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In the present scenario of Discrete Manufacturing, what is most important is Cost Reduction, Supply Chain collaboration, Customer Satisfaction, Proper Vendor Management and timely Order fulfillment.

A diagnosis of a typical environment in the discrete manufacturing industry suggests a lack of integration across various divisions and departments. In the absence of such integration, the company cannot provide the transparency and visibility across the supply chain. Visibility on both the customer and vendor fronts holds the key to strategic planning and execution. On the customer?s side, one needs to see the order position and delivery schedule; also, if the order is altered, how late in the order cycle it can be executed. On the suppliers? side, one needs to manage the interaction with the vendor taking into account the customers? purchase decisions. In the entire process of material handling becomes a major issue. Proper flow of data amongst departments is very crucial for the smooth running of the entire process, which includes Procurement, Production and Shipment.

Generally there is mismatch of information between Inventory & Production that results into planning related problems. Stock Valuation is also a major issue in these kinds of units.

Ontrack?s Capability on Discrete Manufacturing System

The Integrated Business Solution is expected to fetch the following business benefits for the organization:

  • At the core of manufacturing, improved demand fulfillment through better planning and co-ordination with the market.
  • Effective control of materials, costs, production leading to enhanced profitability.
  • At materials level, improvement in inventory control levels through easy tracking of requirement.
  • Can create a lean supply chain and optimize inventory level while still ensuring availability for production.
  • Better working capital management for Finance department.
  • It provides a platform that grows for future growth plans.
  • Complete data integrity.
  • Better utilization of resource.

Case Study

Discrete Manufacturing Management System for a large bicycle-manufacturing house of India.


Our client, large bicycle manufacturing company in India is a producer of variety of bicycles for both ladies and gents having a high brand image. The bicycles are exported to over 50 countries across the globe. It has got a vast Press Shop, Machine Shop, Brazing Shop, Welding Shop, Heat treatment Plant, Paint Shop, Electroplating Plant and Assembly Shop spread over in a campus of 28 acres. QA unit has got state-of-the-art Mechanical Laboratory having Tensile Testing Machine of different ranges up to 10 Tons, Optical Profile Projector, Spring Testing machine, Vickers Hardness Testers, Rockwell Hardness Testers, GSM Tester, Bursting Strength Tester, Cupping Value Tester, Rubber Abrasion Tester along with Special Testing Equipment for Handle, Pedal, Fork, Frame, Rim, Crank etc. The Integration of Research & Development, Tool Room, Manufacturing and QA activities has resulted in high and consistent quality level of the company products enhancing customer satisfaction.
 However the expansion in business operation in tandem with increased demands cropped up the following problems with the legacy system-

  • Handling escalation of costs and exploring cost-control opportunities.
  • Imperfect job scheduling due to uncertainty over arrival of raw materials.
  • Poor inventory management.
  • Inefficient distributors management.
  • Need for decentralized planning and control.
  • Proper utilization of resources.
  • Data Integrity and information management.
  • Inefficient cash flow management.
  • Need for better monitoring and management of stock movement.
  • Need for greater visibility of the supply chain position.
  • Need for improving workforce efficiencies.

Ontrack?s Contribution

Ontrack?s integrated Discrete Manufacturing Management System was implemented in all the profit and cost centers of the organization with the accrual of the following benefits-

  • More functional coverage through Information flow management.
  • All information is routed through single, integrated data source.
  • Streamlining of accounting process resulting in quicker closure of books of accounts.
  • Elimination of paper intensive reporting.
  • Ability to spot ?key business driver? trends and performance analysis.
  • Streamlined MIS.
  • Scalability of application to cover increased production, marketing activity, supply-chain management and increasing number of workforce.
  • Development of foundation base for business intelligence and other futuristic applications.

The system was backed up by high-class industry-standard networking infrastructure and hardware in order to generate total user satisfaction.
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