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Today?s post-liberation industrial scenario has put everybody in the business-chain under severe time pressure. Increased competition is forcing manufacturers, whole-sellers and retailers to act fast in order to reach the valued customers ahead of competitors. This pressure is being further propelled by increase of customers? expectation.

The need of the hour is to devise an efficient system that comprehensively covers all the business sub-processes so that the flow of quality goods to customers remains uninterrupted. All business sub-processes like pre-order activities, order processing, sourcing and procurement, production scheduling, inventory management and invoicing has to run harmonically. Any flaw in the process chain will prevent the customer from getting the right product at the right price and at the time when she needs the goods most. This will eventually lead to loss of business.   

To address this highly competitive business scenario, Ontrack has forayed into development of Electronic Supply Chain Management (e-SCM) solutions. Ontrack?s solution aims to address the following key issues ?

  • Meet increasing customer demand.
  • Reduction of costs.
  • Aiming at Just-In-Time inventory management system resulting in lowered inventory carrying costs.
  • Attempting to increase customer loyalty.
  • Multilingual support for global business operations over geographically spread out areas.
  • Provision of user-definable document structures and forms.
  • Homogeneous user model and user-friendly interface.
  • Allowance of varied security policies.
  • Catering to flexible product lines and options.
  • Abstracting multiple supply chain models product / product lines and/or geographic regions.
  • Seamless integration with legacy systems and ERP solutions.
  • Reduction of per seat license cost.

Ontrack deploys the following cutting edge technologies in order to provide robust, secure, scalable and easy-to-use e-SCM solutions. 

  • J2EE
  • Rational Rose
  • Borland JBuilder
  • Struts
  • Ant
  • JRUN 4 Application Server
  • MS SQL Server

Case Study

Development of e-SCM solution for a large fortune 100 corporate house with global operations

The Background

Our client was looking for a comprehensive solution to manage the high volume of global trade over geographically disperse supply chain. The company had an existing legacy ERP system. A high-performance e-SCM solution was the need of the hour with suitable country-specific configuration for the company?s UK wing. Further the new solution should be able to work in tandem with the legacy system.

Ontrack?s Contribution

Ontrack?s e-SCM solution was designed for optimal performance over every point of operation. It worked in perfect harmony with the existing e-SCM solution. The following were the key attributes of the solution-

  • Easy-to-use web based solution.
  • Supports Internet, Intranet and Extranet.
  • Option to authenticate from any external source.
  • User definable document classes and document form for diverse documentation needs. User definable document flow and dependency.
  • Wide choice of policy implementation.
  • Product lines definable up to nth hierarchical level.
  • User-definable product properties. Entry of product attributes with precision at the stock entry stage itself.
  • Stock visibility views definable by the administrator.
  • Scalability option to define n number of supply chains with user-defined nodes and to define document flows accordingly.
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