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In today?s competitive age, the key determinant of success is ?Information?. The right information at the right place and at the right time is highly crucial in taking effective business decisions. If your invaluable time is spent only to acquire business information and protecting it without its effective usage as a decision-making base, then obviously you tend to lose your core business focus area. This may eventually lead to loss of business to your competitors.

Now, constant worries and sleepless nights will be a thing of the past. The panacea of survival in today?s competitive platform is ?Microsoft Dynamics NAV? ? a part of Microsoft Dynamics Business suite. It is world?s leading ERP solution targeting mid market and small-scale enterprises. The solution is highly cost-effective. Microsoft Dynamics NAV has one of the lowest possible total costs of ownership amongst its category of solutions. It is a single, comprehensive solution that maps to each stratum of your business functionality. This completely integrated solution provides you with information on a real time basis. Microsoft Dynamics NAV builds up your enterprise?s information repository where all segments like customers, products, inventory, sales, distribution, customer relationship management etc. are integrated and transparency permeates everywhere. At the back office, at the shop floor or at the warehouse- wherever and whenever you are, critical information will be at your fingertips.

When you invest in Microsoft Dynamics ERP Solutions, you invest in superior technology that catapults your business performance.

Why Microsoft Business Solutions?

There are 11 compelling reasons to choose Microsoft Dynamics NAV as your Enterprise Business Solutions partner.

  1. Robust Technology: Microsoft Dynamics NAV has been a leader in adapting new technologies and even innovating the same. It has been based on Object Oriented Technology since 1987. The technology is fruitfully deployed for ease of use. In order to substantially reduce information retrieval time, NAV uses patented SIFT (Sum index flow technology) technology that enables users avail the OLAP (On-line analytical processing) functionality.
  2. Rich Functionality: Micosoft Dynamics NAV has incorporated the internationally proven business practices into the application areas, which is evident by its immense installation base of satisfied customers worldwide.
  3. Unmatched Flexibility: Flexibility is the essence of NAV. It is highly customisable and can easily be adapted to a wide range of industry verticals.
  4. Audit Trail: Throughout application, user can always drill down and navigate to see the origin of any entry. Throughout the application user also gets the facility to apply filters at field level and table level.
  5. Robust Performance: It ranks among the best in terms of performance both for input and output tasks. SIFT ensures that any information from the system can be retrieved by fetching no more than two records.
  6. Multi-dimensional analysis: NAV develops the information repository based on hierarchically layered multiple dimensions defined as Business Units, Profit Centers, Locations, Departments, Projects, Categories etc. From accounting to ratio analysis to budgetary analysis- you have a bird?s eye view of the scenario.
  7. Scalability: The solution is highly scalable. Microsoft Dynamics NAV is an integrated application and customer purchases only the module / granule required. Later, in tandem with business expansions, other granules / modules can be procured.
  8. Internet Technologies: Microsoft Dynamics NAV offers three web based components - Commerce portal, User Portal and Commerce Gateway to help the enterprise leverage Internet technologies. With these components the users can have B2C and B2B applications.
  9. Application of Hyper Linking: Microsoft Dynamics NAV supports hyperlinks to forms and reports. This enables you to get access to the requisite information fast. All reports are sent through email with necessary hyperlinks to that appropriate area of the information base which will help you in taking a prompt decision. NAV converts all reports to HTML format and attaches with email for transmission.
  10. Localized version: Microsoft Dynamics NAV offers its users the localized version, which caters to all the statuary requirements like Sales Tax, Excise and TDS. The users do not have to pay for localization.
  11. Support: Microsoft is committed to provide excellent end-user support and training for Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

Addressing Business Needs with Microsoft Business Solutions

NAV, Microsoft?s flagship ERP solution is comprehensive and addresses every stratum of your business activity permeating through your enterprise. Following functionalities are addressed by NAV as under-

  • Robust foundation for Business Management: NAV provides a perfect platform to manage the growing needs of your business. An integrated suite of business functionalities covering ERP, SCM and CRM, open architecture, database security, object oriented development environment and compact source code ensure easy implementations, maintenance, scalability and robustness of solutions.
  • Financial Management: The crucial Finance segment is well-addressed by NAV with the General Ledger, Dimensions, Budgets, Sales & Receivables, Purchase & Payables and Fixed Assets management modules. The integrated functioning of all these modules makes the life of a Finance Manager easier.
  • Supply Chain Collaboration: Supply chain management system can have a decisive impact on the profitability of an enterprise. As the market demands fluctuate, Microsoft Dynamics NAV improves your business efficiency with personalized portals and automated business transactions. The key components of this module- Inventory, Manufacturing and Distribution all work in tandem to provide you with the most feasible solution.
  • Production Management: Microsoft Dynamics NAV provides rich functionality for production management. It provides tools to manage manufacturing processes such as production orders, bills of material, supply planning, and capacity requirements planning.
  • Service Management: One of the key metrics of a company's performance is the after-sales service that it offers. This module provides accurate and up-to-date information needed to control costs and to organize your service resources for maximum efficiency. This aids in better service planning and goes a long way in building customer relationship management.
  • Human Resource Management: The HRM module allows you to maintain employee document files complete with confidential information, equipments issued and absenteeism records. A wide range of reports can be obtained that analyses employee records and helps you in future staffing.
  • Project Management: Microsoft Dynamics NAV helps you in planning for your projects, keeping the overall project costs under control. It helps you in optimising human and material resources for proper task assignment and accomplishment later on.
  • Retail Management: The Retail Management module is handled with 'GoPro' - an add-on product of Microsoft Dynamics NAV. This is a standardized solution for non-food retailing and caters to the need of a small outlet to a large multinational organization with many POS terminals.
  • Reporting & Business Analytics: Being the first ERP solution with in-built OLAP capability, NAV can provide multi-dimensional 'information cubes' so that an enterprise's performance can be analysed in various ways. The reports generated by the Business Analytics granule can be based on unlimited number of criteria and accuracy is guaranteed. This has bought this module one step closer to Business Intelligence Solutions.
  • E-Commerce: NAV helps you improve the efficiency of your business relationships with personalized portals and automated business transactions. Its Commerce Portal is an award-winning B2C solution and continues to be a top rated technology for integrated sales and customer self-service. The Commerce Gateway is a simple, cost-effective way of exchanging electronic data and trading documents. It is based on Microsoft's BizTalk technology, extensively using the XML technology.

Ontrack?s Microsoft Dynamics services:

Ontrack Systems has been the most successful and prominent Microsoft Dynamics Solution Partner in India. Microsoft Dynamics Solutions Partners are a network of value added resellers. They are responsible for marketing, sales, implementations, customisations and support of Microsoft Dynamics products in their local markets. Ontrack?s committed Microsoft Dynamics team comprises of Functional Experts, Product Specialists, Technologists, and Project Managers whose collective performance makes Ontrack the one-stop E-Business solution provider, when your business productivity really matters.

Ontrack offers Microsoft Dynamics products to clients with customisation and implementation services as an integral offering. Our team had been implementing Microsoft Dynamics at select industries and this will help in quicker implementations in future. Ontrack?s services are open to other Microsoft Solution Partners and clients worldwide. We offer our services on offshore, onsite and near shore basis. Combining our Offshore Development model with the Gap Analysis, Implementation and Training onsite brings to you the 'India cost advantage?.

Client Information:

Clients across diverse verticals have started to recognize Ontrack?s capability as a competent Microsoft Dynamics Solution provider. Needless to say, new clients continue to enrich Ontrack?s Microsoft Dynamics client base. Some of our valued clients are-

Peerless Hospital Peerless Hospital
Atlas Cycle (Haryana) Ltd. Atlas Cycle
Imeco Ltd. Imeco
Moviewallah Communications (P) Ltd. Moviewallah
Khadim's Khadims
Jalan Infotech (P) Ltd. Jalan Infotech
Ideal Movers Pvt. Ltd. Ideal Movers
Kilburn Kilburn
GP Ocean GP Ocean
Bengal Park Chambers Housing Development Ltd. Bengal Park
Tai Industries Ltd.
(C3-The MarketPlace)
C3- The MarketPlace

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