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The enterprise software application SAP Business One, more popularly known as SAP B1, is especially for SMEs. This ensures the integration of diverse functions, in mapping business from end to end.

SAP Business One Product Coverage

SAP? Business One has the following product coverage from Finance, Sales, Purchase, Material Management, Material Requirement Planning, CRM, Business Partners, Production Planning, Human Resource Management; Services with various add-ons (Payroll, Discrete Manufacturing, Best Practices) separately priced and delivered according to the need of the customer. The best practices are the industry specific

? The service module optimizes the potential of your service departments, providing support for the service operations, service contract management, service planning, tracking customer interactions activities and customer support across multi-channel interactions with customers.

? SAP Business One is a functionally rich business automation system that covers the key areas of the business including General Ledger, Sales, Purchase, Inventory and Banking in one consolidated offerings.

? SAP Business One is also available as an SDK (Software Development Kit) for easier interaction of the 3rd party software and services. The SDK provides published API?s into the system allowing for simple communication between all objects in the system and more efficient development and maintenance of the integration points with the external software and services.

SAP B1 - An Overview

? Affordable integrated business management solution

? Designed for small and mid-size companies

? Single system automates business processes

? Delivers a unified view of business information across customer relationship management, manufacturing and finance.

? Enhanced with the best practice for the SMB implementation

SAP Business One?s Pro-customer approach

? SAP?s source code for Business One is not accessible to third parties, guaranteeing a ?single version? of the SAP Business One application with improved stability and functionality.

? The SAP Business One SDK (Software Development Kit) enables the customers to enhance and extend SAP Business One as well as to integrate external solutions with SAP Business One

? A simple and powerful development toolset for SAP customers to develop SAP Business One Solutions in a cost effective manner.

Application Benefits of SAP Business One:

Adaptability of Users

Users across organization levels seek the solutions that are ?familiar? and user-friendly. This ensures fast adoption by user community, which in turn guarantees quick payback period and higher return on investment (ROI).

Product Scalability

Customer community keeps on receiving rich updated versions and patches periodically. Investing on a solution that has got a defined roadmap for the future reduces the risk of technology obsolescence. Choosing a business enhancement application for a growing company specifies the scalability of the application. SAP Business One is scalable to mySAP ERP to meet the growing demands of the enterprise in terms of Business Intelligence Warehouse, Business Management Cockpit, Strategic Enterprise Management, etc.

Business Mapping through easy Customization

SAP? Business One can easily be customized to capture your organization-specific challenges and retain your competitive edge. It is customizable and configurable to a great extent to meet the specific needs of the organization.

Minimum Resource Utilization

SAP? Business One does not need costly hardware and network resources. It capitalizes only 4kbps from the user?s end.

Expertise with Industry Best Practice

With the right combination of Industry Domain Expertise and pool of SAP certified technical and functional certification through implementation of SAP? Business One, OSL offers small and medium businesses the right solution at an affordable price that can be implemented in a short time interval with minimal risk. OSL, with well-qualified professionals with functional and technical expertise in implementing various projects, is experienced in the best practices of the industries.

Different Levels of User Training

Post implementation to the ?Go Live? phase incorporates higher management level and lower management level training. This concluding phase aids in the user?s adaptability to the software and enables easier maintenance by the in-house IT team.

Availability of SDK (Software Development Toolkit)

Unlike other ERP solution providers, SAP provides the customer with the SDK (Software Development Kit), which can be used for making add-on enhancement in the business applications and scale the solution as per the growth of the company. Hence in the long run your internal IT team can play the role of a service provider catering to your changing business need with the passage of time. Since a growing organization has to address business challenges and changes, purchasing the code can cater to the ease of customization of the solution to the extent it is required by the internal team itself.

Ontrack Systems and SAP B1:

Ontrack is the ?Associate Business Partner? of SAP, for their SAP Business One Application software, and also the first authorized ?Education Service Partner? for SAP Business One training in Eastern India, catering to generating a pool of SAP certified Functional and Technical Consultants in SAP Business One.

Associate Business Partner & Education Service Partner ?

Ontrack Systems has received the Associate Business Partner status in the SAP Partner program with competency in SAP Business One catering for the small and medium business enterprises and the only Authorized Educational Partner of SAP Business One Training, helping in generating a pool of SAP Business One Certified Functional and Technical Consultants, Advanced Infrastructure Solutions and Networking Infrastructure Solutions. This ensures a high capability, single window customer experience.

The highly experienced workforce of Ontrack offers:

o Qualified Functional and Technical Certification Resource Pool

o ASAP Implementation Experience

o Project Management Methodology

o Competence Center, Training and R&D

o Commitment

Ontrack Systems- an edge over others:

Ontrack?s enrichment in functional and technical knowledge oriented professional SAP? Business One Certified Consultant gives a major edge in a successful implementation process with less risk, minimal disruption and with high quality and accuracy of the data with a shorter implementation time involving transparency of the processes. The implementation process of Ontrack Solution comprises of the following phases

1. Project Analysis: It involves a complete requirement study of the business process of the organization by the functional consultants. Identifying the concerned areas of the various departments of the organization and defining the phases of the implementation and mode of progress.

2. Designing (SRS Documentation): It comprises of the entire hard copy documentation of the system requirement study that is to be implemented.

3. Configuration & Customization Phase: This phase comprises of the customization and the configuration that is required by the technical consultants.

4. User Acceptance Testing: This phase comprises of the final hand holding phase of the project and the various management level trainings that is to be incorporated.

5. Deployment, Go Live and Support: This phase makes the management and the medium level and the low level employees of the organization work with the solution and make the project Go Live with live data, which is followed by the Support relevant services from Ontrack.

Implementation and Support Strength of Ontrack Systems Limited

Ontrack Systems Limited has enriched functional and technical SAP & Microsoft certified professionals with prior industry implementation expertise, which caters to faster implementation with minimum risk. Our Consultants are having major project-handling experience in efficiently directing the work to the ultimate delivery thereby completing the entire project management lifecycle. We are having employees in the following domains

1. Sales & Distribution Functional Consultants

2. Material Management Functional Consultants

3. Financial Consultants

4. Technical Consultants

5. Production Planning Functional Consultants

6. Vertical Specific Consultants

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