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Ontrack Systems Limited (OSL) is an ISO 9001:2000 certified, publicly-traded Global IT & IT Enabled Services company with a reputation for helping customers conceive, build, deploy and support world-class technology solutions. The company offers a wide array of software and networking expertise across industries. Ontrack has a skilled and experienced manpower of over 200 IT professionals across the globe involved in projects spanning vertical industries and related applications.


Since its inception in the year 1988, Ontrack has evolved into a dominant player in the global IT and IT Enabled Services (ITES) market. These fifteen years have witnessed a gradual spreading of wings to cover not only the Domestic but also the International markets. Presently, the company serves global markets through its offices in Kolkata, Bangalore, Chennai (India), London, Maidenhead (UK), Milpitas (USA), Munich (Germany), Abu Dhabi, Fujairah (UAE), Hilversum (Netherlands) and Tokyo (Japan).

Its technological prowess lies in its state-of-the-art Managed Service Centre in UK and Global Development Centre in Kolkata and Offshore Development Centre in Fujairah where quality software, support and integration work can be accomplished at competitive costs.

Ontrack is registered under the Software Technology Park in India (STPI) to house its operations in India.

Global Development Centre (Kolkata):

Based in Kolkata, positioned as the primary offshore development unit.
Beehive of software development activities for clients in North America, Europe and Asia.
Houses more than 60 highly experienced professionals spanning across varied platforms and technologies.
State-of-art Development Infrastructure.
Quality Control Processes ensuring quality and cost-effective business solutions.

Service Offerings:

The dedicated and highly skilled IT professionals at the Development Centre work onsite, offshore or offsite to provide customized IT solutions for companies in several industry sectors. Our service offerings are as follows:

Outsourcing - Service Level Agreements (SLA), Managed Services, Application Management, Quality Testing, Maintenance, and End-User Training and Support Remote Management and Service Delivery.

Software Development - Design and develop customized applications to meet the unique requirements of clients in the fields of Web Applications, Client-Server Technology, E-Business Solutions, Multimedia, Portal Development and System Integration.
Application Integration - Implement best of breed solutions from Microsoft, SAP, ORACLE and others.
Networking Services - Provide state-of-art networking consultancy and maintenance services.
Product Development - Develop and market custom software products for niche segments.

India, UK, USA & UAE divisions work together to ensure 24 x 7 support to our clients.

The Best People

Highly-Skilled Employees and Management Team
Strong Executive Team With Over 150 Years of Combined Technology Experience
The majority of the resource pool are certified by Microsoft, IBM, Oracle and Brainbench


10,000 Sq. Ft. facilities in India
1000 Mbps Network Backbone & 100 Mbps Switched LAN to Desktops
Connectivity: 128 kbps fully dedicated leased line connection to Internet, Multiple point-to-point 64 Kbps satellite links & Power backup and power generation systems
Servers: 100 MBPS network consisting of an IBM RS6000 server running AIX with SecureWay firewall and other Intel-based servers running Windows 2000 Advanced Server, NT, LINUX (Suse & Redhat), Netware 5.1, SCO Unix 5.x.
Database Servers: DB2 UDB, ORACLE 8i/9i, SQL Server, mySQL
Development tools: Websphere Commerce Professional, jDeveloper, FrontPage, Visual Studio, Visual Studio.NET, Developer 2000, Designer 2000. Graphics tools include FlashMX, Dreamweaver Photoshop, Director, SAP R/3

Technology ٍSolutions Group

Based in Kolkata, India, this division provides IT infrastructure solutions to its wide range of customers. Hallmark of this operational wing is to provide quality service touching the minutest detail to major calamities with the objective of ultimate customer satisfaction.

Service Offerings:

High-end Networking Services: Provide state-of-art networking consultancy and maintenance services including installation, Wireless Networking, Cabling, Local Area Networking (LAN), Wide Area Networking (WAN), Campus Area Networking (CAN) and other technical support and advice.
Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) Business: Maintenance and troubleshooting of IBM/ Compaq / HP /ACER make PCs, Printers, Scanners, UPS, CVTs, Modems, Routers, Switches and other associated peripherals.
System Repair Centre.
Software Related Support: Support for Windows 95/98/2000, LAN rivers, Lotus Smart suite & LEAP Multilingual Software.
Anti-virus software solutions.
Mobile Van Service: A first in Eastern Region, for prompt and quality customer care.
Computerized logging of calls: Calls allocation and strong grasp over client histories.
Customer Care and Service Cell.

This division has been successful in exporting technical services overseas and has started the Data Recovery wing as part of its expansion activity.

Enterprise Networking for industry has been identified as a major thrust area for this division enhancing the technology status in the marketplace.

Strategic Alliances:

Our alliances with leading Hardware and Software companies enhance competency and enable SSD to offer clients the best solutions.

Ontrack in UK

Ontrack Systems (UK) Limited is a wholly owned subsidiary of Ontrack Systems Limited offering IT services and focuses in the areas of Bespoke Development. It also functions as the Global Sales Headquarter for the company.

Based in Maidenhead, England, Ontrack UK reaps the benefits of real-time access to the technologies and expertise which arm the company with that much-needed edge in the marketplace. The dedicated and highly skilled IT professionals at Ontrack, its subsidiaries and joint ventures work onsite, offshore or offsite to provide customised IT solutions for companies in several sectors of the industry.

Ontrack has a network of technologically capable representatives in Germany and acts as the sales hub to provide cutting-edge IT solutions to businesses in Germany and Europe.

IT Services
Software Development
SAP Solutions
Managed Services

A conscious effort is also being made to market its software development capabilities in the UK market via offshore development model, for which a dedicated Sales team is being set up. Its Joint Venture with a major Healthcare Solutions provider in UK has enabled it to secure its footing in Europe.

Ontrack UK provides full range of SAP services that address the needs of organisations throughout the lifecycle of their SAP system and is successfully deploying and maintaining SAP in its clients? business.

Ontrack UK with its offshore model addresses the increasing pressure of delivering services on a 24 x 7 support through its Offshore Development Centres at Kolkata and Fujairah. To complement the Onsite and Offshore development Ontrack UK offers a range of consultancy services to vendors and end users.

The focus is now on establishing the Managed Service Centre (MSC) of Excellence.

Ontrack in UAE

Ontrack Systems (UAE) Limited is a wholly owned subsidiary of Ontrack Systems Limited. In UAE, Ontrack has positioned itself at the vanguard of the IT services revolution. It has created a formidable team of highly experienced software and marketing professionals and delivers innovative and comprehensive solutions that enable its clients in the Middle East to maintain tangible benefits.

Development Centre

A Development Centre, positioned as an extension to the India Development Centre, is located in Fujairah, which provides the ideal environment for Software Development. The high-end hardware and configuration set-up makes the Development Centre ideal for both domestic and offshore development options with an easy mix of technology and support.

Ontrack UAE offers product solutions for
Document Management
Interactive Voice Response System (IVRS)
Speech Synthesizer
Collaborative Tools
Office Management

The latest entrepreneurial venture in the UAE has been the support of Arabic interfaces for taking on regional software projects to suit local needs.

Project Support

Project support is available from the Development Centre and its Marketing Office at Abu Dhabi, one of the most modern cities in the world that has enjoyed tremendous growth in all business sectors. Ontrack UAE focuses on customised software sales and product sales in the UAE and GCC region. It plans to establish an SMS service centre and is currently moving towards a Joint Venture with a major German consultancy firm to work as a help-desk for easier scaling for its GCC clients.

Ontrack in Japan

Ontrack focuses on Japan with technology-centric vision, to provide its clients in Japan the benefits of Information Technology to the highest standards. The registered office located in the bustling metropolis of Tokyo is the epicentre of Ontrack?s establishment in Japan.

Focus in the Japanese Market

Ontrack?s main area of focus in Japan is Mobile Applications, which includes developing Games for Java Enabled Mobile Phones using cutting edge J2ME Technologies. It has also established itself in the areas of CRM / ERP and CTI based Solutions.

Ontrack services the Japanese Industry with Indian skills while respectfully retaining the Japanese custom and tradition. It has a proven record of on-time delivery of quality products to fully satisfied Japanese customers.

The "Japan Development Team" comprises of System Engineers with previous experience of working in Japan, developing solutions according to Japanese business needs. Tutoring in Japanese language and customs is a continuous process, which enables the company to understand the vernacular, and thereby understand and interact with Japanese clients more effectively.

With the passage of time, Ontrack has mastered the Japanese work ethics, which clearly gets reflected on its deliverables.

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