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SMS Xprez PE is an application that can be installed on Windows 9x/ ME/ NT/ 2000/ XP. The application comes bundled with a Data Cable that allows users to connect their mobile phones to computers running the application. The application is used to manage SMS messages the user receives or sends, through the mobile phone connection.

Users can:

Download SMS Messages
Download Ringtones
Compose SMS Messages to be sent to one or more recipients
Send SMS Messages
Send Ringtones
Send Pictures
Download the Phonebook from a Mobile Phone
Maintain a Phonebook at the local machine

Users can utilize the additional disk space in their personal computers to store messages, as compared to the relatively lesser space available in a phone memory or SIM Card.

SMS Xprez CE can be integrated with existing systems to provide an alternate mode of access from external resources. SMS Xprez CE uses a Middle Tier to interface with existing systems and database. The middle-tier is configurable to set business logic and establish connections to the database to query required information.

Additionally SMS Xprez CE can be configured to trigger actions like sending mail, taking a print-out, sending a fax, receiving a report, etc. These features makes SMS Xprez CE a solution offering a easy to reach contact point for corporate houses who require access from external sources to trigger events.

The Middle-tier is built using technology that allows for interaction with various platforms, using native protocols for the existing system.

SMS Xprez can be bought without the Cable, though a data cable would be required to connect the phone to the machine where SMS Xprez is installed.

SMS Xprez CE solutions have been offered:

For a Real Estate Government Committee, allowing tenants to query specific information from the committee database by sending SMS Messages to a mobile help line. The received message is analyzed by SMS Xprez CE, triggering a query to generate the result the caller wanted. The result is sent back to the caller's mobile phone as a SMS Message.
The committee to set conditions whereby existing tenants can be informed by SMS messages reminders of contract expiry, renewal dates, payment schedules, and other user configurable alerts and reminders. The application queries a database to retrieve the list of tenants to whom messages have been sent, based on conditions identified by users. The tenants are automatically sent the reminder messages.
For a Government Hospital allowing patients to send in a message to be informed of their schedule/ appointment with a doctor. The patient can reconfirm the appointment or cancel it. SMS Xprez CE would then update the information in the main database.
As a Corporate Messaging tool for CRM requirements. SMS Xprez CE runs on a server, with client versions available on individual machines. All messages received by the company are sent to one number. SMS Xprez distributes the messages using a user-defined logic. Messages from any client machine is collected by SMS Xprez, and sent using the single mobile phone.

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