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"With great pleasure, we announce the successful implementation of SMS Xprez Enterprise Edition version 3.50 at our organization. We have been using the solution since January 2007 and have been very happy with the performance of the product since then.
SMS Xprez has become an integral component of our business model and we hope that the latest version will exceed our expectations in terms of versatality and performance. Our best wishes to OSL (Ontrack Systems Limited) team for this product."

Kuldip Nayar
Managing Director
Chandrani Pearls

"It was team work between our marketing team, our advertising agency and the IT vendor which made this program very successful. We had evaluated number of plans to reach out to painters and other end users who typically are our dealer?s customers and we decided to use SMSXprez as the platform for running a SMS based loyalty program. The program helped us achieve a remarkable increase in sales as well as establish customer loyalty in a big way. We have implemented this software in 10 GCC countries and in India and I am delighted with the experience. We now have the complete demographics of our users and have been able to create a community of our end users and interact with them. Based on popular demand from our network, we are starting another campaign called Fortune Points which will be announced shortly."

Ashish Vasudev
Trade Manager
Jotun Paints
MENA Region

"The Oil & Gas sector continues to be the dominating sector in the GCC job market followed by construction industry. However inflation and booming salaries in South Asia are posing a serious problem for recruiters and companies. Salaries have been reviewed by several clients of ours, but we are still finding it tough to get the right profiles for our clients.
Ontrack is a very reliable partner for us. We have been able to work very well with them and our web based application for recruitment management which was developed by Ontrack, now has over 200,000 active profiles is growing on a day to day basis and the software has been a great help in our business operations."

Oneal Hector D?Cunha
General Manager
First Select UAE

"ESS, the system that is developed specially for equipment hire to the Oil & Gas sector has been appreciated by Oil Companies who are our major clients. We have now received requests to productize OSS for distribution of the software to other vendors of the Oil companies and we are very glad to partner with Ontrack for the ongoing development and support of this application."

Ayman B Tamim
Asst Regional Manager
Al Masaood Oil industry Supplies & Service Company

I cannot speak highly enough of this company. They have the highest standards of professionalism, their communication is outstanding, and the quality of everything they do is just perfect. I have been in this business long enough to know a gem when I find one - and this company is such a gem? This project has been a real pleasure from beginning to end. It was also not easy because we had to break work up to meet some tight deadlines? The team took so much care over the project paying much attention to detail - and the end result shows it. I will definitely work with this company and I plan to establish a long term relationship with them? This project exceeded all my expectations in every aspect. I can?t express my thanks and appreciation enough to the team. Anyone who works with this company is bound to be delighted by the process and results.

Quality Response Professional Expertise Cost Schedule Overall Rating

Karen Parkin
Vice President

"To us Ontrack?s TSG Division is synonymous to customer-friendly robust solution, on-time delivery and total customer satisfaction. In a word, a rock-solid performance. What attracted us towards them is their customer-friendly approach and total understanding of our business-specific need and building their solution to meet our business goals."

Reshmi Sen
Chief Trade Coordinator (IT & MIS)
MPS Group of Companies

"Ontrack Systems truly understands how important customers are to Microsoft and makes the extra effort to make their customers? experiences memorable. Microsoft congratulates Ontrack Systems on achieving President?s Club status."

Tami Reller
Corporate Vice President

"Outstanding! I?m looking forward to working with you."
(Commenting on a website developed by Ontrack Systems Limited)

A high-level marketing agency
Charlotte, North Carolina, USA

"The Company can be awarded full marks for its performance in terms of project management, quality of product, quality of delivery and other skills?"

Project Management
Quality of Product
Quality of Delivery
Other Skills
Overall Rating

Mr. Siddharth Sett
Globe Forex and Travels Ltd

Excellent group to work with - very responsive and willing to work hard for our company.

Quality Response Professional Expertise Cost Schedule Total

Jennifer Magee
Co-Founder & CEO

Thank you very much for informing us about the Co Work and helping us on choosing such an excellent product.
I was given this project of finding out web based project management software by my boss, and indeed it was pleasure to meet you at the right time.
Co Work is a wonderful software that enables you carry your documents any where with you. It simplifies and improves your work, makes work more efficient and of course saves costs.
Once again I thank you and Ontrack for the providing us with this web based solution of yours.
Thanks and regards

Lini Shamsu Mohammed
Office Administrator
German Emarati Co. BENA

"Thank you for your services in producing our Plant Modification Proposal (PMP) application using PHP and MySQL. This was a difficult project in that the specification was not finalised when we started the project and I am very pleased with the professional and technical approach that you have provided to Perenco UK. I have no hesitation in recommending your services to other clients and I look forward to using your services again as and when required.
Once again, thank you very much."

Terry Barber
IT Team Leader
Perenco UK 

"We find as the proper media for our requirements. The Tendertimes team?s response is quick, the rates are highly competitive and it fits into the bills of all the corporates as it offers value for money. The penetration level of Tendertimes is rapidly increasing as practically all the companies, be it PSU, Private, big or small, are utilizing this e-platform to float tenders."

D.K. Bangia
Chief Manager
Allahabad Bank

"It was a pleasure to work with this company. The service provided by Ontrack Systems was excellent - they were very quick, very responsive and a very professional company to work with. Ontrack Systems does excellent work. The project lead, was very proactive in communication and meeting our expectations on deliverables and timescales and then achieving those. Project was executed nicely and with intelligence. The Project Lead was very easy to work with. Changes made were done in a timely fashion, communication was excellent and improvements after completion were no problem. Highly recommended! Will work with again. "

Dan Robertson
Innovative Advertising
Alabama, USA

"We are thrilled with the responsiveness and professionalism of Ontrack's Web Development and Multimedia division. We look forward to a long-term relationship that leverages their talents and abilities to deliver top-level design and application development for our business."

Cisco Adler
Vice President, Marketing

"Ontrack Systems was very responsive to requests I had for this flash project. We had to change the scope of it and made several iterations, all were done in a timely manner. Even with them being in a different time zone, we were able to get things done efficiently by commuting thru MSN Messenger and email. Thanks!!"

Dawn Fink
CD Web Solutions, US

"After evaluating a few ERP Solutions, we finally selected Microsoft Dynamics-NAV. The solution has proved itself to be a right fight for our organization. The product is very simple and user-friendly, as well as the total cost of ownership is very low.

We went live with the product from August 2006 (well within the schedule). Ontrack Systems Ltd. has implemented the solution as per our requirement. During the implementation process, their approach, business understanding and commitment were excellent. As a result of their excellent customer care, we would like to have a long-standing association with Ontrack Systems Ltd."

Celine Tan Seok Har
General Manager,
GP Ocean Food SDN BHD, Malaysia

"In the implementation of Phase ?I we went live from April 2005 and are glad to comment that Microsoft Business Solutions ? Navision was the right choice for our organization. This product is simple, user friendly and easy to implement.

With Ontrack Systems Ltd, as our implementation partner we have been able to derive the maximum benefit out of this product. Today we are confident that we will be able to succeed in implementing the second phase in due course of time."

Vikram Kapur
Atlas Cycles Ltd. , India 

"Great job done for our e-book, excellent work A+++++++++++ as ever!"

Karl Moore

"Ontrack is a very good resource! They completed the project promptly and professionally. They worked with us and provided numerous iterations based on our feedback until we were completely satisfied."

Timothy A Hufker
Centrics LLC

"I think the general process flow of this product was perfect. Communication was good and use of tools to structure the phases of development and feedback was perfectly all right. I always felt that I was a part of the process, which is good. Also, the product itself is strong in function for the most part ? i.e. everything works the way we want it to, and the end result is a portal which our clients can satisfactorily use."

Boris Ahrendt
Technical Client Support Manager
Betfair Developers Program

"Best design I have seen from any company anywhere in the world at a fraction of the cost of most of the world. Ontrack is extremely professional and gives great attention to details."

Janice Gjertsen-Caillet
Chief Catalyst

"Thanks a lot to the Team of Ontrack. A very professional and effective workflow and a real pleasure to work with. The website has got a very positive feedback from our customers and we are looking forward to the expanding projects of our website with Ontrack. All parts from design, to the technical solutions are very well and also the logo and colour scheme is perfect. We are looking forward to the next projects with you. All the best."

Kirsten Gaide
Certified Personal Trainer

"In today's challenging business environment, we are planning to satisfy our Senior Managements? needs in some innovative ways. Looking for this, we had decided to implement SMS technology that should be efficient, real time, effective and imperative.

Suddenly we have found SMS Xprez, a product developed by Ontrack Systems Ltd. We have amalgamated SMS Xprez Enterprise with our  ATEX Enterprise (Advertisement Module) to communicate to our Senior Management / Sales Team about advertisement revenue.

This service provides much cheaper, lighter & faster medium to deploy for market research for short surveys that requires a large audience. It also lowers administration cost and helps to promote an event with an instant referral function. Our Top Management body is very pleased about this SMS service as they can get the relevant figures absolutely free of cost even when outside office.

Now we are planning to send birthday wishes to all our employees through SMS with the help of SMS Xprez. Technical experts of Ontrack Systems Ltd. are very helpful and they are giving constant support and suggestions to enable us extract maximum out of the product."

Abdur Rafi
Assistant Manager, Systems

"We appreciate Ontrack's professional after sales support service on MBS Navision for our organization as the Implementation Consultant.

After evaluating a number of Enterprise Software solutions, we finally opted for MBS Navision from Ontrack Systems Ltd. As our business does not fall under conventional industries and control at every point is very crucial for the success of the business, we thoroughly evaluated MBS Navision before deciding. Today we are one of the most satisfied users of MBS Navision.

We have found Ontrack Systems as a friend in our business. Their support service is always in time and they are quite reasonable on their commercials."

Tapas Ghosh
Sr. Manager-Planning & Development
Moviewallah Communications Pvt. Ltd. 

"After evaluating a few ERP solutions, we finally selected MBS-Navision Retail and the product has proved itself to be required for our organization. The product is simple and user-friendly as well as the total cost of ownership is bearable.

We went live with the product from December 2004 (within one month of project starting off). Ontrack systems Ltd. has implemented the software at our end. We appreciate the approach, business understanding and commitment during implementation of the software application from Ontrack. A few areas have been located where some improvement is still required and Ontrack promised to work for these points on priority basis. As a result of good customer care, we also have signed Annual Maintenance Contract with Ontrack Systems.  We hope that Ontrack will do the best to meet our expectations."

Nirupam Sen
Head Administration
Tai Industries Ltd.

"Ontrack has been able to understand our needs and provide us solutions that are within our reach and yet meet all expectations. It has been a pleasure working with them and we look forward to future interactions in exploring IT solutions that can make our work and those of our clientele simpler, faster and enjoyable."

Mr. Oneal Hector D'Cunha
Emasco LLC
Abu Dhabi, U.A.E.

"After evaluating a few ERP solutions, we finally selected Microsoft Business Solution- Navision and the product has proved itself to be a right fit for our organization. The product is very simple and user friendly, as well as the total cost of ownership is very low.

We went live with the product from August 2005. Ontrack Systems Ltd. has implemented the solution as per our requirement. During  implementation, the business understanding approach and commitment of Ontrack was excellent. Today we are confident that we will be able to get the maximum benefit out of the systems within a short period."

Harsh Vardhan Agarwal,
Chief Executive

"Remarkable Customer Service. Goodricke is pleased to carry on with Ontrack regarding their services towards Goodricke website."

S. K. Bandyopadhyay
Chief Information Officer
Goodricke Group Limited

"This is for your information that our Lucknow CITI MART store has gone live with Microsoft Business Solution-Navision Retail within 15 working days time, on 7th October 2005.

We find Navision Retail Microsoft Business Solution to be very robust, user friendly and it really meets our expectations.

We appreciate the fact that Ontrack Systems has put in their best professional effort to make the implementation successful in such a short period of time and their implementation methodology is best suited to us. We also find Ontrack Systems to be highly customer oriented and they are professional in their approach.

We look forward towards a very long-standing business association with Ontrack Systems."

John Mantosh,
Lourdes Textiles Pvt. Ltd.

"Thanks a lot for your unlimited technical support regarding our project. Thanks to the team who was involved and indulged in this process. I am thankful to your on-site personnel who had done an excellent job to ensure that the application is implemented smoothly at the final delivery phase without any hinderance.

I really feel grateful to your entire team with special reference to your on-site personnel. You have proved that you are up to the challanges and up to your customer's ambitions. "

Ayman Baratat
Asst. Regional Manager
Al Masood Oil Industry Supplies & Co. , UAE

"Ontrack Systems Limited have been able to complete the project 100% as we expected and they were extremely flexible to cater for change requests- even last minute changes. OSL have a very professional approach and methodology and certainly the expertise and experience. We can recommend them."

Axel Soennichsen
Hippolime Design Co. Ltd.

"We are fully satisfied with the 'System Booking and Network Management' application developed and maintained by Ontrack. It has been an excellent tool for BSNL, which has definitely contributed towards enhancement of our productivity. The solution provided by Ontrack is excellent and we are very much satisfied by the support provided by your team, under AMC."

Mr. Neeraj Singhal
Bharat Sanchar Nigam Ltd. 

"With great pleasure, we announce the successful implementation of SMS Xprez Enterprise Edition at our organization. We have been the first user of the product in Kolkata and have been very happy with the product since then.

SMS Xprez has become an integral component of our business model and we hope that the latest version will exceed our expectations in terms of versatility and performance. Our best wishes to OSL team for this product."

Mr. Siddhartha Chatterjee
Personal Wealth Management Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

"Overall, we are very happy to have worked with Ontrack on this project. I especially like the way that the nice new features are added without me requesting them and how Ontrack always take the time to fully understand the requirement and the business.?

Sue Hutton
Systems Integration Analyst (Evolution Project Manager)
Mitsui & Co UK Plc

"Ontrack not only met my expectations, but exceeded them. They kept me informed about every development. Our suggestions were promptly addressed. They kept an open communication channel with us and ultimately delivered quality deliverables well within the time schedule. Highly recommended for corporate applications."

Mike Zieglar 
iOpus Software 

"With great pleasure, I applaud the excellent work done by Ontrack Systems Ltd. in the development of our Corporate Information System and web site ( In every stage of the job, people from Ontrack have shown a high degree of coordination, co-operation and professional acumen. It is due to their sincere efforts and dedication that the project was completed well in time.
Not only punctuality, the undersigned is pleased to appreciate Ontrack?s customer-focused attitude and at times going out of their ways to help us solving problems that might have cropped up during the tenure of the project.The portal designed by Ontrack systems Ltd. bears a mark of professional excellence. It has drawn appreciation not only from the staff of Metro Railway, but also from our patrons, vendors and customers alike." 

Metro Railways, Kolkata

"This guys are really professional and quick and accurate in delivery. I really appreciated the work with these guys. Thanks a lot again and looking forward to the next projects."

Christian Zechmeister
Managing Director
Zechmeister Consulting

?The Experience with Ontrack was truly World Class.....I've never worked with any team, anywhere, that has delivered higher quality, better timeliness, or tighter budgets. And most importantly, I've never had an easier time interacting with any other firm.?

Peter Kay
Titan Key Software, Hawaii

?We rolled out the first version of a comprehensive product in a record 16 weeks and we do not regret our royalty arrangement with Ontrack, since this would not have been possible without their offshore development centre?
Vice President, Product Development
US Based Company

?We are very impressed with your performance regarding Milan Agency Business system. I hope to continue our relationship for long time.?
General Manager: IT
Japanese Multinational, London

?Ontrack is providing commendable and satisfactory services . Our IT system is running smoothly.? 

D Gupta
Chief Manager
Union Bank of India

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